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Swayzee Police Department

Serving the Town since 1890

P.O. Box 247
213 South Washington Street
Swayzee, Indiana 46986
Phone: 765-922-4585
Fax: 765-922-7088

Creedo: To Serve and Protect the Citizens Of Swayzee

The Swayzee Police Department primarily patrols the streets of Swayzee, but when needed is also available to assist other local departments such as the Grant County Sheriff's Department, Sweetser Police Department, and the Converse Police Department. The department currently has two marked patrol cars for more visible patrols.

Please say hello to our officers if you see them out! Community involvement is the key to a safer community!

Thank you for visiting our website and please check back often for new features and links!

To the Citizens of Swayzee,

This history of the Swayzee Police Department and Town is a work in progress, and I apologize if I have missed a person who worked for the department. It is difficult identifying personnel who have worked for the police department over the past 116 years. I personally have spent over 30 hours of my personal time, to date, going over hundreds of thousands of town documents in the town hall. I have found that in the past there were no documents kept from 1890 to 1903 and even after that the records kept were sometimes missing or not documented very well. Listing employees at times, but not their job titles. I have found it a daunting task, especially since there has never been an official history of the police department or the town ever done.

If you had a friend or relative who worked for the police department or the town, or if you have any old photographs or information regarding the police department or the town, please let me know by sending an email to cmjones@swayzeepolice.com or writing a letter to me at the police department.

Mike Jones, Town Marshal