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The Town of Swayzee, Indiana, is approximately 1 hour north of Indianapolis on State Road 13 and is located 10 miles west of Marion and 15 miles east of Kokomo in Grant County, Indiana. Swayzee is the Only Swayzee in the World, the home of 9 Basketball overtimes in a single game, and the annual Swayzee Days Festival.

Swayzee has a population of 1101 and has approximately 430 homes. Five town board members, Clerk-Treasure, Town Manager, Police Department, Southwest Medic 5 Ambulance Service, and Swayzee Volunteer Fire Department serve Swayzee.

Swayzee also has its own Water and Sewage Utility, Planning Commission and Area Zoning Boards. Swayzee is located on State Roads 13 and 19, and is near State Roads 18 and 22.

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