Government Town of Swayzee Calendar About Us Business Public Safety Services Town of Swayzee - Copyright 2014 © All Rights Reserved Web Master: Signature Web Creations Ambulance Service Public Safety Communications Medical Services Business Opportunities Every four years, residents of Swayzee elect a Clerk-Treasurer.  The clerk-treasurer is responsible for matters related to the  Town's finances. The Town Clerk also serves the town as the billing clerk  for the town utilities. Boards and Committees Town Manager Clerk Treasurer Swayzee Town Clerk The Clerk's Office Hours Contact the Clerk-Treasure at:  Mr. Brian Hall  213 South Washington Street P.O. Box 85 Swayzee, Indiana 46986  Phone: 765-922-7953  Email: Email: Monday 					  9:30-1:30 Tuesday 			 10:30-2:30 Wednesday  9:30-1:30 Thursday 		 10:30-2:30 Friday 							  9:30-1:30 Closed Saturday & Sunday

Town Clerk-Treasure

Brian Hall

Deputy Clerk-Treasure  Desiree Arenas