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     The town of Swayzee is located in Sims Township, Grant County, Indiana, United States.  The population was 981 at the 2010 census.

     On its welcome sign, Swayzee claims to be “The ONLY Swayzee In The WORLD”.  This motto is based on a story about a postcard sent by a serviceman overseas during World War II, which although being addressed only to “Swayzee”, with no mention of Indiana or any other information, was still said to have been successfully delivered.

     Swayzee is home to churches of three Christian denominations:

United Methodist, Church of the Nazarene, and United Church of Christ.

     The Swayzee Elementary School, located along Washington Street (IN State Highway 13/19), is part of the Oak Hill United School Corporation.  Before becoming part of the OHUSC, Swayzee had it’s own high school.  Swayzee High School is the state record-holder for the most overtimes in a basketball game, with 9 overtimes during a march 15, 1964 game at the Marion Regional against Liberty Center.  Swayzee High School “Speedkings” won, 65-61.

     Although Swayzee is a small town, businesses continue to do well.  Besides an auto repair garage, funeral home, Marion General Hospital Medical Clinic, Dental office, an Optometrist, grocery store, gas/convenience store, antique stores, restaurants, hair salons, and a John Deere Dealership for Farm Implements and Lawn & Garden Tractor Store.  Swayzee, also has its own telephone company, Internet service provider and a community bank.

     In 1996 the Pipe Creek Sinkhole was uncovered at the Pipe Creek Junior limestone quarry near Swayzee.  It has been the site of important paleontology discoveries dating from the Pliocene epoch.

     Two notable residents from Swayzee are Joni T. Johnson and Dr A. W. Dicus.  

Joni T. Johnson (1934-1988) was an American painter from Swayzee.  J. T. Johnson attended the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She participated in the Talbott Street Art Fair in Indianapolis.  J. T. has two of her paintings hanging in the White House East Room, and her works have hung in 27 countries.  Dr. Aaron Wesley Discus, was a man of many and varied talents.  He was credited with inventing and securing patent rights for the automobile turn signal in 1920.  His signals were manufactured at the Dicus-Schelmier plant, in Indianapolis.  He also invented an electric pencil sharpener,an automobile speed governor, and a skill saw.  Dr. Dicus, also wrote and published three books along with producing thirty hymns.  One of his most notable hymns which he wrote the words and music was “Our God, He Is Alive”.

Painting by

J. T. Johnson

Dr. A. W. Dicus

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